Letter from the President: February 2022

Rick Gaupo, Marion Polk Food Share President

Dear Friend,

Spring is almost here — a season of hope and renewal. That’s why I wanted to share how grateful I am to have warmhearted friends like you helping our neighbors facing food insecurity.

You make it all possible through your generous support. And I can’t thank you enough.

In this edition of the Harvester, you’ll see firsthand the difference you make for people facing hunger. When you give to Marion Polk Food Share, no family has to worry about when they’ll get their next meal. That’s incredible! I hope it inspires you to continue your support with a generous gift, helping yet another family in our community.

Every $1 you give will provide 3 meals to families in need of food. Any amount you can give will make an impact for our friends struggling to make ends meet.

Please give now and ease the heavy burden of hunger for a family. Thank you so much!


Rick Gaupo

Arturo and Theresa are beyond grateful for you