Frequently Asked Questions

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Community Gardens

How do I get a garden plot?2023-02-01T11:25:36-08:00

If you would like to have your own community garden plot, first contact the garden coordinator for your nearest community garden. A complete list of gardens and garden coordinators can be found here. The community garden coordinator can tell you if there is space available in a garden and, if so, get you ready to start growing!

Do I have to donate the food that I grow to the Food Share?2023-04-12T12:56:43-07:00

You can do whatever you want with the food that you grow. Please enjoy it with your family and friends or share it with your neighbors and community. If you would like to donate your produce, you can give it to the Food Share at 1660 Salem Industrial Drive NE in Salem, or give it directly to your nearest food bank.

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