Resources for Partner Agencies

Thanks for all you do to help us get food to our neighbors impacted by hunger. This page houses links to the many documents you’ll need to run your food distribution program. If you have any questions, please contact your community programs coordinator.

Primarius Web Window

P2 Step-by-Step: Ordering Food

P2 Step-by-Step: Submitting Stats


Required for All Partners

Rights and Responsibilities (English and Spanish combined) [updated 2021]

Wash Your Hands (English and Spanish combined) [should be posted above all handwashing sinks]

Required for Partners with Fresh Product

Fresh Alliance Products Date Guide (English, Spanish, and Russian) [updated 2018]

Fresh Alliance Meat Guidelines Half Sheet

Required for USDA Pantries

USDA Income Guidelines for 2024 (English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Marshallese, Vietnamese)

Required for USDA Pantries AND Meal Sites

Justice for All Poster (English and Spanish combined)

TEFAP Religious Referral Notice (for religious organizations only)


Service Animals [updated 2017]

We Welcome Poster

Wash Your Veggies Poster

USDA Intake

USDA Form-4 for 2024 (Sign-In Sheet)

Multi-Lingual TEFAP Intake Questions for Verbal Eligibility Declaration

TEFAP Authorized Representative Form for 2024 (Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Ukranian, Vietnamese)


Each year, our partners’ regular volunteers and staff must complete Oregon Food Bank’s Civil Rights & Confidentiality and Food Safety trainings. Please log completion of these trainings on our Annual Staff and Volunteer Training Log. One-time volunteers should review training brochures before volunteering.

Food Safety

Oregon Food Bank’s Food Safety Training Video (English and Spanish) [16 minutes]

Oregon Food Bank’s Food Safety Training Part 2 (for Meal Sites only) Video

There must always be one person on-site at partnered distributions that has a valid and up-to-date food safety certification. For meal sites, this must be a valid food handler card. For pantries and similar programs, this can be a food handler card or a ServSafe for Food Banking certificate.

ServSafe for Food Banking

Get Your Food Handler Card

Civil Rights & Confidentiality

Oregon Food Bank’s Civil Rights and Confidentiality Video (English and Spanish) [22 minutes]

Civil Rights Brochure (English and Spanish) [updated 2020]

Contracts and Compliance

Partner Agency Agreement [updated 2017]

2D Partner Agency Agreement [updated 2020]

Oregon Food Bank’s Partner Agency Handbook

Temperature Log

Pest Control Log

For USDA Pantries and Meal Sites

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Agreement [updated 2017]

TEFAP Policies and Procedures Manual [updated 2024]

TEFAP Civil Rights Handbook [updated 2017]

Limited English Proficiency Plan

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement (English and Spanish)

Discrimination Complaint Form (English and Spanish)

For RAD (Retail Agency Direct) aka Fresh Alliance Partners

Oregon Food Bank’s Fresh Alliance Partner Agency Resources

Oregon Food Bank Network Fresh Alliance Donor List (All food received from these donors must be reported on MealConnect)

MealConnect FAQs for [Marion Polk Food Share] Partner Agencies

Fresh Alliance Product Categories in MealConnect

Resources and Information

Food Safety

How To Spot Can Defects Poster

FoodKeeper (A shelf-life guide from the USDA, FDA and CDC)

Temperature Danger Zone Poster

USDA’s Cooking for Groups Food Safety Guide [updated 2011]

How to Clean and Sanitize in a Three Compartment Sink Poster

Safe Sanitizing Poster (English and Spanish)


Standard Link2Feed Intake Form (English, Spanish, and Russian)

Oregon Food Bank’s Link2Feed Online Training Portal


I Speak Language ID Chart [a helpful resource to post at your intake counter/table]

Food Word Translation List from English to Spanish

Other Helpful Resources

Agency Disaster Response Plan Template [updated 2016]

Partner Agency Contact Form

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