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Emergency Food

Hunger is a very real issue for thousands of our neighbors. Marion Polk Food Share serves more than 9,000 families (40,000 individuals) in need throughout our network of agency partners each and every month.

Emergency Food Boxes

A neighborhood food pantry is a place where someone can go to receive a three-to-five day supply of emergency food. A food box will produce nutritionally balanced meals that will allow the person and their family to work, learn, and thrive.

Thank you Marion Polk Food Share! My breakfast, feeding 6, was fully supplied by a food box from a food pantry. It was delicious and I have some happy, healthy, full children ready for the day!! Thank you so much for everything you do for our community and my family.” – Jill

Congregate Meal Sites

A meal site is a place where people come together on a regular basis and share a meal. This may include low-income day care centers, foster homes, homeless shelters, or community meal sites that are open to everyone.

“At our Wednesday night community dinner, a homeless man came in, soaked from the rain and also without shoes or socks. People who had been in line with him ran home and brought back shoes and men’s clothing. There was a big bag of shoes and clothing beside him by the time he was eating a warm, nutritious meal. We just provide the space and the warm meal, and the community does the rest.” – Pastor Steve Knox, First Christian Church in Silverton

More Information

Learn more about what hunger looks like in our community.

If you or someone you know needs food, please find your nearest food pantry or meal site. A complete list is here.

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