Vice Chair
Community School Outreach Coordinator, Salem-Keizer Public Schools

The work that the Food Share is doing is meaningful to me because the goal is for anyone to have access to food no matter what their background is. I believe that when one’s basic needs are met, it allows us to have the opportunity to live a good life. – Yuri

Yuriana Coronado joined the Marion Polk Food Share Board of Directors in 2022.

Yuriana has worked for over a decade in Salem Keizer Public Schools, her journey within the school district has taken her from working in the classrooms to school offices and eventually to the Communications department, where she currently serves.

Yuri’s family immigrated from northern Mexico in 1994 and made Salem their home. They continue to reside in the area, and Yuri’s journey is a testament to the importance of giving back to the community that has provided her family with opportunities.

Yuri enjoys traveling, exploring diverse cultures and landscapes, and the great outdoors through hiking. Above all, she loves spending quality time with her family.