You Give Families a Reason to Celebrate

By Published On: February 21st, 2019

For many of us, the holidays are a time for celebration. A chance to gather with family and friends, and share traditions that often revolve around a special holiday meal.

But for families like Brittany’s who are facing tough choices about what they can afford – housing and utilities or enough groceries to create a holiday meal – the holidays don’t feel much like a celebration.

This past year, as the holidays began to roll around, Brittany was worried. Even though both she and her husband work, they still struggle to make ends meet. They stretch every dollar to make sure their two boys have enough to eat. Sometimes that means going without heat. Sometimes it means no special Thanksgiving or Christmas meals.

“Holiday meals are expensive,” Brittany said, “and they’re not in our budget.”

Because of caring supporters like you, Brittany and her family had a joyful holiday season.

“For Christmas and Thanksgiving this year, we got to eat meat, and it was such a luxury!” Brittany said.   “My son was so excited and kept saying, ‘I love turkey!’ There was something so magical about being able to sit at the dinner table with my family and enjoy that holiday meal.”

“As a mom, it makes me feel bad when I can’t provide my sons with things other families seem to take for granted – like holiday meals,” Brittany continued. “It’s heartbreaking. But because of the pantry, I could provide that for them this year. I’m grateful, it’s been such a huge blessing.”

Your generous support is making sure hardworking families have enough to eat. Because of you, families like Brittany’s and thousands of others in our community have access to healthy, nutritious food when they need it.