Kids Show Meaning Of Generosity

By Published On: September 15th, 2015

“I don’t think anybody should be hungry,” said Samantha, while cradling a bag of fresh green beans. Samantha is just one of several children and teens who have made generous donations of food for people in need at Marion Polk Food Share.

Samantha and her friends in Girl Scout Troop 11863 spent their summer growing a garden. They ate some of the green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes that they grew, but they also donated 41 pounds of green beans.

“It’s easy to grow vegetables,” explained the Girl Scouts. “You just need dirt, water and to follow the directions on the seed packet.”

A generous group from Bahai’I Youth Empowerment also donated a substantial amount of home-grown green beans. Abigail, Ava, Amalia and Brianna beamed with pride at their bounty.

Keep up the good work! Your generosity makes our future bright.