Meals on Wheels Delivers a Lifeline to Joyce

By Published On: February 2nd, 2016

Because of our community, seniors receive a daily meal delivered by a friendly volunteer from Marion Polk Food Share’s Meals on Wheels. Joyce, a recipient of Meals on Wheels, explains that volunteers deliver more than a meal, they delivers a lifeline.

“I was in pain. I went to my doctor and I said I can’t walk on this foot.  I’m in a wheelchair and I can’t stand for maybe three or four minutes.  My doctor helped me get Meals on Wheels.

I will tell you the meals are very healthy and nice.  The balanced meal helps me be very independent

Meals on Wheels is a big part of my social life.  It’s a wonderful thing to have a balanced meal, but it’s an even greater thing to have the fellowship. 

I never feel alone.  Every day that they come in here, I feel safe.  The volunteers are people who are concerned about me.  Meals on Wheels is my lifeline to the world.”