Meet Allen: Our New Volunteer Manager

By Published On: July 27th, 2016

Marion Polk Food Share is proud to introduce Allen Pfeiffer as our new Volunteer Manager.

Allen will be a familiar face to the volunteer drivers at Meals on Wheels. For the past year, Allen has been the Program Assistant at Meals on Wheels. Part of his job was coordinating volunteer drivers.

“During my time at Meals on Wheels, I realized that my favorite part of the day was when I got to spend time with the volunteers,” said Allen. “I’m very excited to spend all of my time working with and learning from volunteers.”

“Allen showed his commitment by giving volunteers at Meals on Wheels a wonderful experience,” said Rick Gaupo, president of the Food Share.  “Besides being a very nice guy, he is dedicated to making a positive impact on the community.”

A Salem native, Allen is a graduate of Chemeketa Community College and Oregon State University. After graduation he discovered the rewards of volunteering at local organizations.

“Being a volunteer gave me a strong sense of purpose. I discovered the reward of working for something larger than myself,” he said. “I love setting up our volunteers for that experience. It is very powerful to work together to achieve something great.”

Allen will take over the volunteer desk from Marshall Curry. Marshall will be leaving the Food Share to attend graduate school at the University of Oregon in the fall.

You are invited to say good-bye to Marshall and hello to Allen at a food repacking event on Tuesday, June 14th at 5:30 p.m. at Marion Polk Food Share, 1660 Salem Industrial Dr NE Salem, OR 97301.