Pantry fills fresh food gap for Grand Ronde neighbors

By Published On: May 24th, 2023

Pam, left, receives help from Iskam MәkhMәk-Haws volunteer Debbie during a mobile pantry distribution at a mobile home park in Willamina.

With your support, families in need are receiving an abundance of nutritious, culturally relevant food at Iskam MәkhMәk-Haws food pantry in Grand Ronde.

Since opening in 2014, Iskam MәkhMәk-Haws – Chinuk Wawa for house where you get food – has continued to expand its services to evolve into the welcoming community center it is today.

“It shouldn’t feel shameful to receive food,” says Francene, Iskam’s program manager. With this in mind, her main goal is to break down barriers that prevent community members from accessing fresh food.

Grand Ronde is a food desert, meaning the area has scarce access to affordable fresh fruit and vegetables. There are no grocery stores and only three convenience stores in the area, which sell processed food at a high cost. The nearest grocery stores are located over 30 minutes away by car.

Iskam has been instrumental in meeting the unique, increasing needs in Grand Ronde. This March, 743 households were served at Iskam, a sharp increase from the 385 households the pantry served in February.

Francene is Program Manager at Iskam MәkhMәk-Haws, a pantry serving the Grand Ronde area.

This increased need is due to several factors including the loss of the extra emergency SNAP allotments that were given to Oregon SNAP households.

Francene noted the proudest achievement at Iskam recently has been their ability to provide mobile food pantry services to neighbors in need in addition to regular pantry hours.

Because of your support, fresh produce, bread, and shelf-stable items are delivered weekly to low-income residents of six local mobile home parks in the Grand Ronde area. In March, 127 households were served, nearly doubling the 65 households served in February.

For residents without access to reliable transportation and limited budgets to purchase food, the weekly food deliveries provided by Iskam are an essential resource.

Iskam MәkhMәk-Haws and Marion Polk Food Share would like to thank Yamhill Community Care Organization and community members like you.

Your support is providing nutritious food and hope to our neighbors in Grand Ronde. Thank you for your continued support and compassion for our community.