Rosa finds a family at Iskam MǝkʰMǝk-Haws

By Published On: February 10th, 2020

When Rosa and her two kids were traveling through Oregon, fate and circumstance brought them to Grand Ronde.  In need of food for her family, a member of the community pointed her in the direction of Iskam MǝkʰMǝk-Haws.  She quickly found more than just a meal.

“At the time I didn’t have a job, so I came to volunteer just to keep busy while my kids were in school.”  Within months, Rosa joined the team through a vocational training program.  Almost a year after she first visited, Rosa is now an integral part of what makes Iskam MǝkʰMǝk-Haws so special.  Her role allows her to support the management staff, assist with distribution and help the warehouse run efficiently.  But what Rosa really contributes is so much more.

As an active member of the community, Rosa recognizes others in need around her.  She connects with those going through tough times and points them in the direction of Iskam MǝkʰMǝk-Haws.  “I’ll send them here because I know that we can provide for them…. I’ve been in those shoes.”

Rosa works tirelessly to give back to her community, but humbly believes she gets much more in return.

“It gave me a family. It’s not just me and my kids now. It’s me and the family here, the volunteers here, we’re all a family. And when I really need something, I know I can come here for support.”

The work Rosa and the incredible team at Iskam MǝkʰMǝk-Haws do every day would not be possible without support from their surrounding community.  You can help Rosa and her Iskam MǝkʰMǝk-Haws family by becoming a Monthly Sustainer Circle member.  By joining today, your gift to feed hungry families at Iskam MǝkʰMǝk-Haws and other area food pantries will go twice as far.  Thanks to the generosity of the Brenden Family Foundation, all new Monthly Sustainer gifts will be matched for an entire year up to $100,000.  Visit to learn more.