Need for food assistance increases

By Published On: April 8th, 2020

Rick Gaupo, President of Marion Polk Food Share, gives an update on our community-driven response to the pandemic.

Across Marion and Polk counties, the need for food assistance is increasing.

With visits to our partner food pantries doubling since March, the need for food assistance among families and individuals in our community has never been greater.   Food pantries in Marion and Polk counties are staying open to serve their neighbors. They are changing distribution methods to keep people safe, with adjustments like serving pre-packed food boxes, delivering to cars, serving in parking lots, and implementing other social distancing practices.

More Seniors need Meals on Wheels

New client sign-ups at Meals on Wheels are coming in at four times the regular rate.  Thankfully, more than 150 people have volunteered and attended training to be new drivers.  Drivers are knocking on doors, making visual contact, and then leaving meals outside to minimize the risk for everyone, but they’re still delivering about 700 meals each day.