Food Industry Donors

A great deal of the food we distribute comes from the food industry—from growers, retailers, manufacturers, truckers and distributors, like you. Thank you! Your support is more important than ever as respond to the need in our community.

We work hard to make donating easy for you and to ensure safe and efficient handling of your donation. From off-grades to code-dates, we can turn your liabilities into assets that nourish families and individuals in our community. Our goal is to help you help those in need.

Types of products

We have the capacity to pick up, store, and distribute the following types of products:

  • Fresh
  • Dehydrated
  • Discontinued
  • Damaged Packaging
  • Frozen
  • Dry
  • Surplus
  • Bulk
  • Canned
  • Code-dated
  • Mislabeled
  • Out of specification

Handling and processing

Our volunteers are trained to prepare food for easy distribution through our network of regional food banks and local partner agencies.

We meet the needs of each donor by repacking bulk product, identifying unlabeled ingredients, and removing brand identity on co-packaged units.

Donating food is good for business and for the community.


  • Reduced storage costs – We pick up donations quickly to free your space for your regular inventory.
  • Reduced dumping fees – DEQ estimates average dumping costs at $150 per ton. Donating food reduces your disposal costs while providing valuable resources to families in need.
  • Reduced waste – our food industry donors consistently tell us that employee morale goes up when waste goes down.
  • Tax credits and deductions – You may be eligible for state-tax credits and/or federal deductions based on your food donations. We give tax receipts to all donors.Use this form to claim a crop donation credit. Learn more here or by contacting us.


  • Good Samaritan Law – Under the 1996 Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act, a federal statute, anyone who donates food in good faith to a food bank or gleaning organization is protected from all liability associated with that product. Furthermore, the Food Share and our partner agencies follow strict food handling and safety procedures to ensure that the people we serve receive the highest quality food possible.
  • Labeling – We can relabel and repack any donation to correct ingredient errors and protect brand integrity based on your specifications.
  • Food Safety – The Food Share trains and monitors all member agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable safe food handling practices and policies. We are a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) inspected facility.
  • Integrity – We never sell, trade or barter food donations.

More ways to help

In addition to donating food, there are many other ways to partner with us to help fight hunger. We need to move, repack, and store nearly every food donation we receive.

  • Donate trucking – Talk to us about back-haul and LTL opportunities.
  • Donate boxes and packaging – Boxes are especially needed. We also need bags, poly film, jugs, bottles, totes, barrels, pallets and just about any other food-safe container that can be used to pack and move food.
  • Donate processing – Help us add value to bulk donated ingredients by donating or discounting your excess capacity.
  • Donate funds – The Food Share thrives on the generous support of many corporate donors. Corporate donations, event or program sponsorship, employee giving and matching gift programs are great ways to get involved. Learn more about ways that corporations can support the Food Share.
  • Donate time – Bring your employees to volunteer at the Food Share or organize an office food and fund drive.

Harvesting Fresh Produce

Salem Harvest is a non-profit organization that connects farmers and backyard growers with volunteer pickers to harvest fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. Up to half of the produce that is harvested is given to the Marion Polk Food Share network for emergency distribution. If you have fresh produce but need assistance harvesting it, we recommend that you contact Salem Harvest.