Why I’m a Sustainer

By Published On: October 25th, 2016

By Kat LaFever

Kat LaFeverI am lucky… I get to enjoy delicious food at every meal. I know that not everyone can do that. Giving to Marion Polk Food Share is a way of sharing the joy of food with others.

At one point in my career, I was between employment, and I spent a lot of time volunteering at the Food Share. I was able to see firsthand what wise stewards they are with everything they are given; how they leverage donations into even greater good; how well they treat people; and how they think not only of how to get immediate food to people but also how to provide long term sustained benefit. I have been an avid supporter ever since.

Joining the Monthly Sustainer Circle is important because a non-profit can do so much more if it has a group of steady givers who provide a stable base of support. Garden plants can thrive when watered at regular intervals rather than alternating between drought and flood. There are lots of great projects that could not happen without a base of givers providing predictable amounts throughout the year.

Being a sustainer also helps me budget. I sign up for the amount that I can give each month and never even think about it after that, it is all automatic. When my statement comes at the end of the year I think ‘Wow, look what I did!’

I recently increased my monthly gift because of the Brendan Family Foundation Match. It’s so crucial, especially when times are so hard, to leverage donations to the greatest effect. I am a frugal person and any time that I can turn $50 into $100 just like that, it gets me excited.

Giving to Marion Polk Food Share means feeding people today and supporting them in their growth toward a better life. When Monthly Sustainers pool their gifts together, they form a wonderful, powerful force for good.