Willamette Valley Kitchen Company Believes In Local Giving

By Published On: January 27th, 2016

Willamette Valley Kitchen Company (formerly Carl’s Cuisine) celebrates food and cooking. Amy Church, owner and chef, has a passion for cooking and serving delicious food and also for giving back to the community.

“I am very lucky to have so many opportunities for richness of food in my life.  It’s awful to me to think that there are people who don’t have that,” said Amy.

Since purchasing the local kitchen store, Amy has made giving to Marion Polk Food Share one of the core values of the business.

“For our company, it’s really important for us to be involved locally.  We’re focusing as much as we are able to share with a local organization that is helping people right in this community,” said Amy. “I get lots of positive feedback from my customers.”

The customers at Willamette Valley Kitchen Company are exceptionally generous. They contribute donations at the register year-round for hunger relief, and also donate non-perishable food during the holiday season. In September, more than $1,000 was raised for the Food Share by customers who purchased raffle tickets for a prize drawing.

Thank you to Willamette Valley Kitchen Company for ensuring that everyone in our community has access to delicious food.