You Give Families, Children and Seniors Freedom from Hunger in Independence

By Published On: November 13th, 2018

Four times each week, the doors of Ella Curran Food Bank in Independence open to welcome neighbors who are looking for food to feed themselves and their families.

You help keep their shelves stocked and give hundreds of family’s access to healthy food in their time of need.

Because of you, our hard-working neighbors have a place to turn in their hometown – neighbors like David.

“Without the food bank, we’d be very hungry,” said David, a father who feeds himself and his four children with food from Ella Curran.

They have enough to eat because you support their local pantry.

“Hunger is not a matter of education,” David said. “I went to college and I still can’t afford to feed my family.”

According to the City of Independence’s website, more than 20% of the workforce in their community earn a monthly income of $1,250 or less and more than 40% earn less than $3,333. Any family of 4 or more with that household income is living below the poverty level.

In the three years since Patty Nevue became the director of Ella Curran Food Bank, the number of visitors has almost doubled.

“When I first started there were about 165 visits per month; now, we’re between 265 and 299 visits,” Patty said.

Because of you, visitors to Ella Curran Food Bank have a variety of fresh produce and healhty food to take home to their family.

A shopping style pantry, guests choose exactly which items they want to take home. However, there’s a much tougher decision for families to make if they don’t know where to turn.

“A lot of people have to make the choice: a place to live or food on the table,” said Dan, a father who has fed his large family thanks to the food and resources available at Ella Curran.

“We keep people in their homes,” Patty said. “That’s what I think about when they’re coming through and people are so appreciative. Keeping them fed is one piece of the puzzle that allows people to keep paying their rent.”

Many young families, large and multi-generational families as well as many seniors in Independence can make meals at home because you generously give to Marion Polk Food Share.

“The majority are working people. They have a job, but it’s not enough,” said Jan, a volunteer of 4 years. “Many earn minimum wage and so often we meet people who work part-time.”

Some of our neighbors visit a local pantry or community meal site when their food and funds become so limited they can’t make three meals each day.

“I was helping a young man recently and he said, ‘This is going to be so good. I’ve only had a bowl of oatmeal every day for the last two weeks,’” Jan said.

Because of you, Ella Curran is there with open doors, a variety of healthy foods and friendly volunteers who are happy to help whenever our hungry neighbors need it.

“This is hugely important for the health of our community,” Patty said.