Your support helps neighbors through turbulent times

By Published On: October 31st, 2022

The past couple of years have been difficult for all of us, but especially so for people living on the margins. The pandemic led to more neighbors than ever seeking help through pantries, pop-up food distributions and Meals on Wheels home delivery. At the same time, our community was impacted by wildfires, an ice storm, and a fire that severely damaged Marion Polk Food Share’s pantry building in Woodburn.

Through these turbulent times, our incredible community has stood up and said that none of our neighbors should be without the food they need to live full, healthy lives. It is because of your caring, your compassion and your generosity that the Food Share has expanded its services to provide help for those in our community who need it most.

You make it possible for kids to have the food they need to grow, and play, and learn.

You make it possible for homebound seniors to receive nutritious meals right at their doors, delivered by caring Meals on Wheels volunteers who also provide welfare checks and valuable social interactions.

You make it possible for parents to put healthy food on their tables and stop worrying about how they will feed their families.

Your support ensures that the Food Share can continue to serve our community no matter what difficulties lie ahead.