Christina is Grateful to Food Pantries

By Published On: February 28th, 2017

When Christina unexpectedly found herself wondering how she was going to feed her family, a visit to the food pantry gave her the kindness, encouragement and food that she needed to get back on her feet. In time her family was able to get through the hard time and find stability.

“I thought I knew how quickly a family could go from ‘normal’ (food on the table, paying the bills, living paycheck to paycheck but making it) to unemployed. I thought I understood what it meant to wonder where the next meal would come from.

“I just never thought it would happen to my family.

“Through a weird set of circumstances my business closed. I wasn’t eligible for unemployment and I made $22 too much for SNAP benefits. I had no money for groceries. I had five children at home, including two teenage boys. I was brokenhearted and wondered ‘How was I going to feed them?’

“I went to the Marion Polk Food Share website and found the list of food banks. I walked into the Jason Lee Methodist Church food bank on the verge of tears. I filled out the paperwork given to me and sat in front of the sweetest lady who asked “Are you a new client?”

“The tears poured down my face. I told her I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know how I had gotten to this point. She gave me tissues, she gave me a hug, she gave me encouragement and she gave me hope.

“I walked out of the food bank with food! Milk, eggs, bread, mac and cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, and treats for the kids. I went home and fi lled our pantry and refrigerator. We felt like kings and queens with so much food.

“These days, I am working full-time again. I can afford groceries.

“But I will never forget the kindness, grace, encouragement, hope and food that was shared to me and my family from a food bank.

“When you give to Marion Polk Food Share, you are helping to feed local families who never thought they would need help. Your help means so much to those of us who have been recipients of your generosity.”