Noe Received Help, Now Helps Others

By Published On: April 17th, 2017

Noe Jimenez used to rely on emergency food boxes to feed her family. Now, with your support, she is delivering the food that feeds families in need.

She first came to Marion Polk Food Share through a work experience program.

“I had an addiction several years ago,” said Noe. “I worked hard to get my life together, but it was hard to find a job that would overlook my record. I had to prove myself. When my case worker recommended that I do work experience with the Food Share, I thought it would be a good skill to add to my resume.”

Noe immediately impressed the Food Share staff with her attitude and work ethic.

“We knew right away that Noe was a loyal and hard worker,” said Abisha Dunivin, vice president of operations at the Food Share. “She was a quick study and was not afraid to ask questions. Right away she started expanding the scope of her work, including creating new systems and training volunteers. As the end of her program neared, we just could not stand the thought of losing Noe. Fortunately, at the same time, a driver position came open and we knew that she was the perfect fit.”

“They asked me to apply for it, but I wasn’t sure,” said Noe. “I was nervous to drive such a big truck and I thought ‘that’s a guy’s job.’ But I applied and now it’s my job!

“I have received food boxes in the past to feed myself and my children,” said Noe. “Now my kids are so proud that I pick up food to feed families. I am grateful that now I am helping other families like the Food Share helped me.”

“My mommy drives a truck for
Marion Polk Food Share and picks up food to feed
families.” – 8 year old Veronica,
artist and daughter of Food Share driver Noe.