You Provide Our Hungry Neighbors with Fresh, Local Produce This Summer

By Published On: August 6th, 2018

Some of the abundant fruit and vegetables grown in the Willamette Valley would go to waste in orchards and fields, but thanks to your support, much of this fresh produce is donated to Marion Polk Food Share.

Approximately 75 local farmers plus gardeners have excess that cannot be used or sold before the product spoils , so they donate directly to the Food Share or through partner organizations such as Salem Harvest and Farmers Ending Hunger.

Nearly 20% of the overall volume of produce that comes through the Food Share’s doors is provided by these sources.

“The advantages of having access to fresh seasonal produce is volume and variety,” Kendra Alexander, Director of Food Resourcing, said. “We are giving our hungry neighbors access to all the nutrients and vitamins available in the fresh produce we receive.”

More than 43% of our donated food is fresh and/or perishable items, like these radishes from our partners at Oregon Food Bank. Because of you, these healthy foods are distributed to our hungry neighbors.

Because of you, we have the staff, volunteers, warehouse and resources to safely repackage these bulk donations which are given to food pantries and community meals sites in Aumsville, Dallas, Detroit, Grand Ronde, Mt. Angel, Silverton, Woodburn and many other communities.

Our hungry neighbors have access to these fresh foods right in their own neighborhood or city because of your support.

Instead of looking into a refrigerator that’s nearly empty or relying on a limited supply of non-perishable foods, families can use seasonal fruits and vegetables to help create healthy meals for themselves and their children.

Healthy foods. like these donated blackberries, are often prohibitively expensive for low-income families and seniors, but they are available at pantries this summer because of you.